Liquid Vaults

Liquid Vaults is the native dApp built on the Entangle stack, optimizing liquidity through refinancing of yield-bearing assets.


In a fragmented DeFi ecosystem, where DEXs, Lending, and Derivative protocols operate in isolation, Liquid Vaults eradicate capital inefficiency and empower a new spectrum of DeFi strategies.

Liquid Vaults optimizes liquidity by enabling wider utility of yield-bearing assets, achieved through 1:1 Asset Backed Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) supported by Entangle Data Feeds.

Examples are Lending & Borrowing and Derivatives Protocols, where users may deposit Liquid Vaults as collateral to borrow assets or supercharge yield. A live implementation is explored at the end of this section.


Liquid Vaults is deployed on 9 Networks with the following DEXs integrated:



BNB Chain








Use-Case: Lending & Borrowing

A live implementation showcasing the utility of Liquid Vaults is available on Mantle Testnet with the DEX FusionX and L&B Protocol Vendor Finance.

An in-depth guide can be found here.

Users can collateralize Liquid Vaults, composed of yield-bearing FusionX LP Tokens, within the Lending & Borrowing Protocol Here they can either borrow stablecoins whilst earning on the underlying liquidity position, as illustrated below:

How it works:

  1. User provides liquidity to FusionX and obtains an LP Token in return as a receipt.

  2. User stakes LP Token via Entangle.

  3. Entangle stakes and auto-compounds LP Token. User is issued a Liquid Vault in return as a receipt.

  4. Users collateralizes Liquid Vault to borrow USDC via Vendor.Finance.

If you encounter any issues or require assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to the Entangle team or the community for support via the Entangle Discord channel.

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