Register as a Distributor

Builders wanting to send cross-chain messages must first register as a "Distributor" and run a Conductor Node.

Before proceeding with the registrations, please get accustomed to the following terminology:


Distributor's Protocol

A Protocol utilizing Entangle.

Protocol Owner (Distributor)

An entity within the protocol that possesses a wallet and has access to the addresses of smart contracts.

Master Aggregation Spotter Contract (Controller)

Contract on the Entangle Blockchain acting as a central hub, maintaining registry of authorized Distributors. Protocol owners have the capability to manage their protocol by adding or removing authorized protocol addresses on specific blockchains, updating permitted proposer addresses on designated blockchains, and managing Keeper (Transmitter) addresses associated with their protocol. Keeper (Transmitter) addresses are consistent across all blockchains for a given distributor's protocol, whereas Executor (Conductor) addresses may vary to accommodate different blockchain types due to the distinct address formats of EVM and non-EVM chains.

Aggregator Spotter Contract (Circuit)

A smart contract capable of emitting "propose" events and calling functions of smart contracts associated with Distributors.

Protocol Address

The smart contract address on the source blockchain. authorized for cross-chain interactions.

Proposer Address

The address of a smart contract or wallet authorized to emit a "Propose" event within the Aggregation Spotter Contract (Circuit) for a given protocol.


An event containing information about an operation to be executed on a different blockchain, detailing the destination chain's ID, the address of the target protocol, the function selector of the destination protocol's smart contract, and the function parameters, such as the payload.

Operation Data

Data generated by the Keepers (Transmitters) encompassing the destination chain ID, the address of the contract on the target chain, the function to be invoked on said contract, and the parameters for that function. Keepers (Transmitters) can derive this data from the Propose event or create it using a custom algorithm.

Keeper (Transmitter)

A backend program with an EVM-compatible wallet that must be registered within the Master Aggregation Spotter Contract (Controller) by Distributors. Generally, it is designed to observe Aggregation Spotter Contracts (Circuits), waiting for the "Propose" event that carries crucial operation data. In cases where the protocol contracts of a distributor are unable to call the "propose" function to trigger a "Propose" event, the Keeper's (Transmitter's) operational logic might require adaptation from the standard procedure. The Keeper (Transmitter) is tasked with collecting events from any designated source to construct the necessary operation data for execution. It is crucial that Keepers (Transmitters) consistently assemble the same operation parameters for identical events, ensuring uniformity and reliability.

Executor (Conductor)

A backend program equipped with a wallet, designed to retrieve approved operation information from the Master Aggregation Spotter Contract (Controller) (via the "OperationApproved" event) and executing these operation on the destination chain via the Aggregation Spotter Contract (Circuit). Executors (Conductors) are responsible for dispatching transactions to each blockchain and require a specific wallet tailored to each type of blockchain, differentiated between EVM and non-EVM Blockchains.

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