Entangle provides builders and protocols with full customization options for secure, verifiable and interoperable data, allowing them to design unique systems with full configurability for processing and executing cross-chain operations.

Builders have the flexibility to create custom oracles for on-demand information delivery, enabling them to directly address and respond to user-initiated requests by pushing responses to the originating contract. Moreover, Entangle allows for the creation of applications with true interoperability across various blockchains, enabling dynamic responses to the real-time states of dApp across all deployed chains.

Builders additionally have the ability to configure consensus mechanisms and customize the off-chain entities that collect and validate data, including the option to manage some of these entities locally.

The operations of these off-chain entities are customizable as well, granting builders the capability to capture and disseminate data feeds from any sources, encompassing both web2 and web3 data.

To showcase its capabilities, Entangle has introduced two products:

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