Obtaining Faucet Tokens

This section will guide you on obtaining faucet tokens through Discord


1. Go to the Entangle Testnet page and click the Get faucet tokens button. You will be suggested to join the Entanle Discord channel.

2. Go to Discord and verify your account to obtain the Entangle Role. Follow the steps in the Discord Testnet channel.

If you do not already have a phone number attached to your Discord account, you will be prompted to verify your phone number. Entangle does not store your phone number and verification happens purely on the side of Discord in order to combat botting.

3. Click Become Entangled!. You will now get a notification in the sub-channel by the Entangle Bot.

4. Now proceed to #faucets sub-channel. Click Verify, which will notify you to check the DM from the Entangle Verification Bot.

If current privacy settings prohibit you from receiving DMs, please disable these momentarily or look for the DMs under Message Requests.

5. You should see the DM pop-up in the top left corner. Click on the DM, proceed to pasting your wallet address, and send the message.

6. If you have already added the Entangle Testnet networks and have received faucet tokens, you are ready to participate in Entangle Testnet.

If you encounter any issues or require assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to the Entangle team or the community for support via the Entangle Discord channel.

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