A Protocol or Builder utilizing Entangle


The Controller is located on Entangle Blockchain. It is responsible for processing and verifying data delivered by Transmitters.


Smart Contracts located on various blockchains serving as communication nodes between Blockchains. They may receive and send input from/to other Smart Contracts.


An off-chain machine collecting and aggregating information.


A type of Agent responsible for sending data to the Controller on Entangle Blockchain.


A type of Agent responsible for sending data from Entangle Blockchain to Circuits.


A type of Agent responsible for confirming successful operations of Transmitters.


An off-chain machine supporting the liveness and security of Entangle Blockchain


A wallet which has delegated $NGL Tokens (voting power) to a Validator

Voting Power

The extent of a Validators influence during creation of new blocks

Block Confirmation Time

The time it takes for a block (and associated transactions) to be fully committed and live.


Liquid Staking Derivative - a liquid representation of a staked token, for example stETH or Liquid Vaults.


A distributed public ledger shared among a set of computer nodes.

Cross-Chain Interoperability

A feature that enables protocols across different blockchain networks to communicate with each other

Off-Chain Data

Data from the "real world", such as weather conditions or stock market prices, which is not originally part of a blockchain network

On-Chain Data

Data originating from a blockchain network, usually obtained through remote procedure calls (RPC) via a server.


An entity that connects smart contracts to data outside of their blockchain network

If you encounter any issues or require assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to the Entangle team or the community for support via the Entangle Discord channel.

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