Entangle is composed of various smart contracts supported by a network of distributed messengers called Agents. The Controller on the Entangle Blockchain serves as the central communication hub, authenticating and orchestrating interactions between Agents and other smart contracts, termed Circuits.


Entangle applies measures of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) complimented by approved Agents (KYC/KYB) reaching consensus on data and operations. To ensure authenticity of signatures and prevent tampering of data, the Controller and Circuits employ cryptographic primitives of ECDSA.


The modular design of Entangle empowers Builders to configure custom security parameters, complimented by the available set of approved Agents.

Builders are free to select preferred consensus rates and Agents partaking in consensus. They may choose any number of Agents, with the option to include their own custom Agents.

A generalized term of "Distributors" is used for Builders & Protocols in this section.

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