Adding Liquid Vault Tokens

This section will guide you on adding new tokens to your wallet through the UI


  1. Device (e.g., PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone)

  2. Browser (e.g., Chrome, Brave, or Opera)

  3. Web3 Wallet such as Metamask installed

  4. Obtained LP Tokens via the Entangle Discord channel

  5. Any network connected in your Wallet


Before starting, please ensure to:

  • Go through the verification process

  • Obtain LP tokens via the Discord Bot

  • Add relevant networks

These steps are described in the previous article.

1. Open the Entangle Testnet and connect your wallet.

2. Choose the Stake option from the Liquid Vaults dropdown list.

3. To copy the address of a token, click the Copy icon to the right of the Liquid Vault token name.

4. Open your wallet, click the Import token button and go to the Custom token section.

5. Enter the copied address in the Token contract address field. All other information about the token will be added automatically. Click the Next and Import buttons.

6. Done! You have added a Liquid Vault Token address to your wallet.

Note: If you want to add LP tokens or Liquid Vault Token addresses manually, please refer to the article for relevant details.

If you encounter any issues or require assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to the Entangle team or the community for support via the Entangle Discord channel.

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