Transmitters are a type of Agents responsible for compiling and aggregating data from various sources, including real-world data via APIs and blockchain data via RPCs.

Consensus among Transmitters enhances security and resilience of Entangle through a Delegated Proof-of-Stake mechanism, deterring dishonest behavior through slashing mechanisms.


"Distributors" can employ custom amounts of Transmitters in addition to target consensus rates. Transmitters can be selected from the two categories of:

  • Approved Entangle Transmitters which have staked an amount of $NGL Tokens and completed KYC/KYB measures.

  • Customized Transmitters run by 3rd party entities.


  • may serve multiple Distributors in parallel limited only by their hardware capabilities.

  • solely deliver information to the Controller on Entangle Blockchain.

"Distributors" refers to Builders and Protocols utilizing Entangle.

The below diagram showcases how Transmitters aggregate and achieve consensus on data during transmission of cross-chain messages:

If you are interested in running Transmitter Nodes please check this section:

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