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Q: Are Liquid Vaults re-based like stETH?

A: No, Liquid Vaults are not re-based. The ratio of LP Tokens to Liquid Vaults which grows proportionally to the underlying APY% of the LP Token.

Q: Which LP Tokens can you integrate as Liquid Vaults?

A: Currently Entangle is limited to V2 positions, whereas by middle of November a V3 functionality will be achieved.

Q: Is there already a live example of a Lending & Borrowing Protocol integrating Liquid Vaults?

A: Yes - An integration has been made between the DEX FusionX and the Lending & Borrowing Protocol Vendor.fi, where Liquid Vaults can be put as collateral to borrrow USDC.

Q: Can a Lending & Borrowing Protocol liquidate manually - without utilizing the B2B Module?

A: Yes - The Liquidation Module has only been made for the sake of convenience. Any protocol may liquidate however they want.

Q: We would like Entangle to create Liquid Vaults of LP Positions on our DEX. How should we proceed?

A: Please get in touch with the Entangle Team on Twitter, Discord or via Telegram. They will gladly assist in the integration of Liquid Vaults Q: What is the cost of liquidating Liquid Vaults via the Liquidation Module?

A: Currently the fee is set at 0% however this may change in the future.

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